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Tom Tran

Hello, friend.  Thanks for joining me on this journey.  What journey you might ask?  The copout answer is the journey of life.  The real answer is probably why you're here, and that's for exploring fun topics in finance and economics.

Quick 'n dirty academic background summary:

  • BA in Political Science and Pre-Health Studies, University of Notre Dame, 2015

  • MBA in Corporate Finance, University of Notre Dame, 2019

  • MS in Business Analytics, University of Notre Dame, 2019

Some more about myself is that I'm a 2015 graduate from the University of Notre Dame with a BA in political science and pre-med.  My focus in poli sci was international political economy, as I found the story of decision-making and international economics insanely interesting while finding out my memory did not suit the ambition of medicine.  I was partially motivated by the potential for travel, but I had a very wise and understanding professor who taught IPE, and I took every one of her classes.  This interest continued as I wanted to keep learning about the implications and considerations behind how people, companies, and countries decide to spend their money.  Eventually, this led me to pursue some graduate education in those areas and really take that deep dive.

Most people probably see clips from CNN, CNBC, or whatever their favorite news source is and think "wow, this seems too hard" or "what the hell! [whatever a certain individual is doing] is totally not ok!".  My goal here is to share what knowledge I've picked up over the years in finance and economics and make it digestible and easy to understand.

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